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《 English Corner + Korean TV 》 : SHOW ME THE MONEY

Helllooo , kawaii visitor of our blog ! 

How are you ? How is life ? 

Well, I'm good. If you realized (you probably didn't), this is my first English post ever since I announced that I would also be writing in my second language ~ 

So, today I will be writing about a hip hop show that's a really hot topic in Korea. 

Lets get started ~ 


So, its called; SHOW ME THE MONEY . 

IF YOU KNOW WHAT SHOW ME THE MONEY IS AND HOW IT WORKS AND ALL THAT STUFF, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE ANOTHER RED BARRIER. (because on the first part, I will be explaining the show . In a long way ; 4;)

Why(is it called that)? Because if you become the winner, you get 1 million won which is approximately 100 thousand bucks. PLUS you get to have a special performance which makes you popular and famous in Korea. 
↑↑↑↑ Last season's winner's special stage on MAMA Awards ~ ↑↑↑↑
(He got pretty famous ★) 

The show is all about RAPPING. In Korean of course. 

[ Apparently,  hip hop equals to rap in Korea ... Which I learned after watching the show ... pls excuse my knowledge ; 3; ]

So, the show is usually around 10 episodes and it has 4 seasons so far (the fourth one is currently airing) . ENG SUBS COME OUT SO LATE. (╬`益´)

The show starts with an audition which gathers thousands of people (4th season had more than 7000 people auditioning ...) . They could make a country ...

There are 4 groups of judges with max of 3 people in each. The judges are mostly famous and well-music-maker people. For example; Tablo from Epik High or SanE ♡ 

NOTE: The judge teams are actually called PRODUCER teams. But I call them judges so ... just an FYI ~

In the auditioning, judges are randomly distributed among the contestants. They have necklaces that says Show Me The Money on them. ITS SO SPARKLY. 

The judges JUDGE on their own criteria. Its about the flow, lyrics, pronunciation and attitude. Trust me, some of the contestans are really ... 

I really don't like this guy ↑ 

I have no idea about the age limit but a grandma more than 80 years old auditioned this year ... well she couldn't pass tho :(

So if you get the necklace, you pass to the second round. The second round is usually a one person show. You have to rap to any beat you chose in 60 SECONDS. 

In those 60 seconds, you have to impress 4 group of judges. They have a button thingy in front of them. If they don't like you, they press the fail button. EVEN IF YOU GET ONLY ONE JUDGE GROUP THAT HASNT PRESSED FAIL , YOU  P A S S . 

Like this ↑

Well, if you get all FAILS, you go home. Aaannd give the sparkly necklace back. 

Around 150-200 people pass to the second round. After second round there are around 100-50 people left. Its really sad ... What happend to 7000 ..?

On the third round, the key word is '너 나와 !' which is used for calling a person out. Yes, if your name is chosen from the random way of chosing thing (it changes season to season) , you get to call a person out and have a 1 vs 1 battle with them.

The MC asks why they chose the person they want to battle with. Answers are hilarious xD For example;  
- ' I don't like the way he wears his hat. '
- '  He talks too much. ' 
- ' I enjoyed your random noises on the first 30 seconds of the second round. ' etc. ( these were really said... ) 

Obviously, you would choose the easiest opponent to beat. So, you two are given a tablet with around 12 beats, and you have to decide on which one you guys are gonna battle with. 

The combos can really differ. Like one group might get along well, other might not even be able to choose a beat. 

So, they give you around half an hour to; 
- choose the beat. 
- write lyrics. 
- practice. 

The bad thing is that when strong opponents face each other, one of them needs to be eliminated. Its really a waste. And when weak contestants face each other, one of them has to pass. Its not fair. 

Like this ↑↑

The judges tell the weak ones to be sorry for passing, since the strong one had to be eliminated. 

SOO, our smart Tablo suggested to bring back 4 people (each team would chose one person) that got eliminated and was a waste of talent. Which I think is a really good idea. (This started on the third season.)

A revival round example from the 4th season ↑↑ 

For example,  B.I. and Giriboy got eliminated on the third round but were really good. So the judges brought them back. 

So when they get brought back, they have to pair up and free style to a random beat. 2 get chosen out of those 4 people. Aand they get to go to the 4th round ~ 

So after all this the judges (who were famous), each hold a show case kind of thing. The contestans (around 20 who are left) pick a judge group they want to work with after seeing their performances. 

The judge group that doesn't have at least 4 people gets eliminated along with the participants in it. 

OMG THIS IS TAKING SO LONG. Don't worry tho, when you're watching the show , it won't feel this complicated ~~ 

SO, after the participants chose their group, (which is not shown to the judges) they come out. The judge group has to pick 4 PEOPLE from the ones that chose them. The others go home.  

(Well, this actually changed this season. On the recent episode,  the CONTESTANTS were wanted by a judge team, and they had the option to reject it or go with it. Tables turned ~ ) 

After all the judges pick  their team, the main event starts.  

The judges start to go individual. They take their team to a practice room or smth like that. Now the show is a battle between the JUDGES.

The long way to pick the participant for finals start ; 

1》 The judges have to kick one person out of their team. They all give their team a beat, and the participants make a song out of it. The judges kick out the one they don't like. 

They have them battle like this ↑ 

2》 So now , every team has 3 people. Total of 12. These people have to make their own song and present it to the public in a show case thing.

 At the end, the PUBLIC votes on the person they liked the best. Then, a board is put up according to the votes they got. Now. Pay close attention cuz its getting complicated. 

Now, in a TEAM, the person that got the most votes in their team gets a free ticket to performing on the preliminary thing. But the remaining two has to prepare their own song to the same beat, and judges pick the one they like (after seeing them rehearsing on stage) and the other one goes home. 

Its really sad to see them just leave like that after all they've been through ...

Second thing is the team with the most total votes gets to pick the match ups for preliminary thing. So like, they can choose the easiest team so they can win easily ~ 

3》 After all the people are picked for whatever they were supposed to be picked for,  THE REAL DEAL STARTS. 

Teams that are supposed to go against each other battles with the peopel they chose. I don't know gow the money thing works but I guess its based on peoples votes. 

After each performance,  voting is hold among the audience. First, the results are only shown to the PARTICIPANTS. They just give us a commercial ... 

And its like a sports game. The winners go up. Battle. Winners go up. AAANDD finals. The winner is the one who gets the more money. (Which is decided by public vote.)

Forgive me for giving too many spoilers ... ; 3;

So, there you have it. I'm sorry if your eyes suffered reading this ... I didn't intend to keep it this long. I actually thought about deleting the whole thing but oh well ... I hope no one curses at me ; 4; 

☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆YOU CAN START READING FROM HERE. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS ON THE SHOW. ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆

Sorry for the long scrolling ...

Soooo, FINALLY. Well, first, I saw clips of this show on Mnet's YouTube channel and also from the news about BOBBY. And got curious. 

I started from the 3rd season and am currently waiting FOR SEASON 4 EP 5 ; 3; //.

Here are my opinions ; 
→ The shows theme is great. Hip hop.  It also is the only hip hop survival show in Korea. (Not counting Unpretty Rapstar.)

→ The show has the potential to bring out unseen talents of Korea.

Zico's brother's 2nd round ↑ 

→ I think that 1 vs 1 battle pairs should be picked by the PDs or judges, cuz when the participants do it, it becomes a mess.

→ I think that the participants lyrics are mostly unnecessarily INAPPROPRIATE and RUDE. Like you don't have to cus at someone's mother to win the show. Or put a women's pride on the line just to rhyme. That's one of the things that really bothered me. Even if the cus words are beeped, its stil written on the subs.

Gynecologist is where our mothers give birth to us ~

Saw this on tumblr xD ↑

Now, you might say that its the way hip hop is. But since when is music about a women's private parts or your mother. 

I'm really sensitive when it comes to cussing.  Those words are not proper things for a human to say. You have no rights to step on someone's pride, hurt them with words. EVEN IF THE PERSON YOU ARE CUSSING AT DONT MINDS IT, a cus word does not fit to a mouth of a person who drank their mother's milk.

(I'm so sorry if I offended you in any way. This is just my opinion.) 

→ There is too much DISS on the show. I get it. You wanna win. You wanna crush your opponents. 

BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD PUT THEIR NAMES IN SOMETHING SO FUN AND ENTERTAINING. Hip hop is fun. Its a nice way to communicate.  Its not something you use to express your hate. I think ... ok. You can diss ... but don't do it too much. On TV. 


→ The judges are all different which makes it fun. I love when they do special performances ♡

Sorry, I couldn't find videos with Eng sub :(


Now, this is a really big issue. The underground rappers call them 'idol rappers'. They diss them. They put them in everywhere in their lyrics. 

DO YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO WRITE AS A LYRICS ? IS THIS ALL YOUVE GOT ? Dissing other people is also a show of lack of confidence. 

If you are CONFIDENT that you can win, THEN WIN. What did the IDOL RAPPER do to you ? Why is he an idol in the first place ? Because he has talent , to SHOW his talent. Thats what makes him different from you. HE GAVE UP HIS EDUCATION. FAMILY. For his dream to show his talent. I don't think its your place to diss him for coming on a show, fairly, for experience. What are YOU here for then ? 

 He is an idol rapper, Song Mino and this was his audition lyrics ↑


Oh God. I just get mad thinking about it. 

( again,  sorry if I ofended anyone ; 3;) 

→ Overall,  I really like the show. Its entertaining.  It also teaches me a lot about hip hop. I really learned a lot. 

I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun show to watch in summer ~ I guarantee that it will feed your hip hop SEOUL. (MUAHAHHAHAHAH. Got it ? Soul=Seoul . Ok ... Sorry ;)

Well, that's the end of my truck loads of feels and hate. 

Please forgive me if I offended you IN ANY WAY. I really feel bad about things like that.  

I hope you can also oversee my grammar and vocab mistakes. This is the result of not talking American English for 2 years ... and less writing practice:(. 


I hope you liked the post and also decided to watch it ~ 

Thank you so much for reading ^//^

Here's a random SMTM gif for u ~ 

- Makoto Senpai 


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Okuyup anlamadiginiz, zorlandiginiz yerler varsa lutfeen yorumlarda belirtiniz. Açiklamaktan hiç bir sekilde kaçinmam ~

Okuduktan sonra sizin de bu showla ilgili görüslerinizi almak isterim :D.

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Umarim begenmissinizdir ♡ ] 

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