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《 English Corner 》: *^* Shoujo Manga Classics ( pt. 1 ) *^*

Hello kawaii bishounen visitor of our blog. 

Remember me ? Its been such a long time since I wrote an English post ~ 

Well. Here I am ! I've got a laptop now, so it's easier to write ^V^

So in this post, as a shoujo manga obsessed person, I will give you a list of arcs or classic turn of events that you see in shoujo mangas *sunglasswearingcoolguyicon* (idek...)

Things that you will read here might help when you're making a shoujo manga *^*

So sit back and enjoy the shooooujooow ! (see what I did there...)

( The following context might not be in order, since it differs manga to manga ~)

1} The Root or Beginning of Relationship Development 

So, first, the characters have to meet, right ? Well, there are different events that cause this MAGICAL meeting scene ;

A] Being Childhood Friends : Now, if there won't be any meeting, that means these people knew each other before. How? The classic manga answer ; BECAUSE THEY WERE PROBABLY CHILDHOOD FRIENDS WHO EVEN KNEW EACH OTHER'S PASSWORDS OR PERIOD TIMES. 

And there are two obvious possibilities ; THE GIRL LOVES THE GUY or THE GUY LOVES THE GIRL from the beginning of everything. Let's look at some examples ; 
  • Taiyou no Ie (The House of Sun) - Mao and Hiro
  • Chihayafuru - Arata , Chihaya, Taichi
  • Ao Haru Ride - Kou and Futaba
  • Skip Beat - Sho and Kyoko 

  • Stardust Wink - Anna, Sou, Hinata
  • Heroine Shikkaku - Hatori, Rita
        AAAAND SO ON ... 
B] Meeting By Help of Someone : This is also one of those things that you can see a lot in shoujo mangas. The 'someone' might be a teacher, friend and even a legendary landgod !

When the case is teacher, it's simple. The teacher asks the main girl to calm the gangster, or troublemaker, or not-coming-to-school guy and help him get back to school. Usually girl refuses first, then meets with the guy accidentally. OR she accepts by a condition, which the main guy eventually finds out and gives the girl the cold shoulder, which makes the girl realize that she liked him all along whatsoever ... and at that point all of us are like DUUUUUH !
The teacher in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

When the case is a friend, most likely the friend is not that of a factor on the next arcs. Like the friend gives her advice on stuff, not being her rival. The rival arc comes later. At some cases, the not-main girl meets the main guy by the help of the main girl who stupidly does not realize her feelings until the other girl tells her that she likes the main guy and if the main could help her ... She denies liking him first, but when she realizes it, its either friendly rivals or ... CAT FIGGGGGGHHHHHT *^*

Some examples :
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ; they meet because of some assignments that Shizuku has to give to Haru by her teacher's pleads (Shizuku had a condition tho ~)
  • Kamisama Kiss ( Kamisama Hajimemashita ) ; they meet because the previous landgod makes Nanami the head of the shrine and our cutie Tomoe is servant thing (I forgot the name ...). 
  • Tsubasa no Hotaru ; they meet with the helps of a sweet friend who needs help managing the basketball club.
C] Seeing The Other Main On The Train ; This also the beginning of bunch of shoujo one shots. 

Basically wha wha happen waaaaas probably one of these ;
  1. The girl saw the guy help someone and became touched ...
  2. Something happened to the girl and the boy helped him (this arc usually includes the girl not remembering who helped her and stuff that happens after dat ...).
  3. The girl fell asleep on the guys shoulder or accidentally touched him or something (this actually pretty rare ~)
  4. The guy sees the girl helping someone or the girl helps him (which would make us understand that the guy is a shy type by seeing him blush like a gurl~).
  5. The train is crowded and the smart bishounen train driver (I have no idea what they're called) pulls the brakes so the main guy can ACCIDENTALLY corner the girl WHICH WOULD FEED US SOME DOKI DOKI MOMENTOS. THANK CHU TRAIN DRIVER GUY ~ (this is also rare, but it can be a cause of meeting)
  6. I cant think of anything else ... Gomen ...

Some examples :
  • Orange Marmalade (shoujo webtoon) - accidental touch 
  • Rere Hello - the girl sees the guy helping someone on the train. and assumes he is a kind hearted perdon. BUT GUESS WHAT. THEY TRIPPPIIIN ...
  • 360 Degrees - I actually kind of forgot but it had something to do with train station...
  • Tsubasa no Hotaru - (little spoiler here) the guy saves her when she collapses on the train, but she thinks someone else saved her and confesses to dat guy. and that guy is all like GURL I AIN'T YO MAN ... lol ... later on she finds out that this one guy in the basketball club (that her friend helped her get in) is the one that helped her ~
D] Seeing The Guy Doing WROOOONG Stuff ; I said guy cuz its rarely a girl for these cases.

So what happens is , the guy is a playboy. He is cool. He got them gurls saying SENPAI NOTICE ME. The girl is usually not-cool or normal type. 

IF THE GIRL IS THE NOT-COOL AND BULLIED TYPE, DO NOT CONTINUE THAT MANGA. Basically, what will happen is that the girl will see him do perverted stuff, their eyes will meet. Than the guy will find her and he is gonna be like IMMA GONNA TEACH YOU PERVERTED STUFF MUAHAHAHHAH YOU ARE INTERESTING MUAHAHAHAH YOU ARE THE FIRST GIRL TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS DOKI DOKI BLUSH LINES ON HIS CHEEKS etc. Than you will see a kiss scene on the first chapter and more perverted stuff later on ... So if you don't like perverted stuff, RUN AWAY WHEN YOU SEE THE BULLIED GIRL. 

But normal ones are fine ;
  • The guy doing perverted stuff, 
  • the girl seeing him, 
  • eyes meet, 
  • running away, 
  • doki doki, 
  • OMG WTH DID I JUST SEE moments,
  • guy corners her,
  • DOKI DOKI ....
  • I have no idea what happens next ... Im not a mangaka ...
I'm too tired to give examples, gomenne ... 

Soo this was it for meeting arc ~ 
These lists will help you if you are trying to make a shoujo manga and need ideas for different meeting arcs ~ 


If you have different ideas, do not hesitate to pour them into the comments section ~


And finally done ! I've been writing for 2 hours non-stop , plus babysitting my sister ... That's the reason why my brain seriously stopped working at some point.
I actually wrote part 1 and 2 in one go // That's why it took me 2 hours ; 3; 

I'm sorry that it was a long post. But I hope that you found somethings that you could relate to ^V^ I also hope that you liked it, and these info will be useful to you :)


Thanks for visiting our blog ! 

- Makoto Senpai (instagram: dokisenpai)

(Turk okur ziyartecimiz, anlamadigin veya ceviremedigin herhangi bir kisim varsa yorumlarda sormaktan cekinmeyin ;3; Elimden geldigi kadar yardimci olmaya calisacagim ^V^ )

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    1. Interneti olmayan Makoto diyor ki No problem ^^ I'm glad you liked it ~ You should check them out some time ^^

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